Candidating ministry methodist

06-Aug-2017 09:14

A requirement for becoming a certified candidate for ministry is of membership in the United Methodist Church or one year as a baptized member of a United Methodist campus ministry or other recognized United Methodist ministry.Another requirement is to have graduated from high school or received a certificate of equivalency.Here is Andy Bryan’s guide to a successful ministerial candidacy interview in the United Methodist Church.It’s just three steps: 1) Be relentlessly positive about your current ministry, 2) Use copious amounts of orthodox Wesleyan terminology, 3) Restate everything you say with “relevant” and “accessible” illustrations.

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The candidate has already invested years with various communities of faith, committees and the Board of Ordained Ministry.

Members of the NC Conference often attend: Licensed local pastors must have graduated from an accredited high school or have received a certificate of equivalency before becoming a certified candidate.

The licensed local pastor must pursue theological education through an approved seminary or in the Course of Study.

In order to begin the Candidacy Process you should apply to your District Superintendent in writing including a statement of your call, asking for permission to enter the candidacy process, and asking to be assigned a candidacy mentor.

Whether your goal is to be a licensed local pastor, or an ordained deacon, or ordained elder, the first step toward ministry in the United Methodist Church is a process called “candidacy.” One reason this step exists is to help the exploring candidate discern what shape God’s call is taking in their lives.Others go on to the next interview, with the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM).