Back dating my bill on verizon wireless

16-Dec-2017 16:00

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(1-800-837-4966) There is a chance that you will be redirected to other departments during call, for faster problem solving check numbers below.

Verizon customer service number: 1-888-553-1555 Keep pressing 0 at each prompt to speak with representative.

When this feature is enabled and you call *611, a screen with account management options launches on your device.

At a quick glance, you’ll see all of the options you’d normally hear on the phone when calling *611.

It is a consideration for companies to make sure that they are covering all different time zones of different customers across the state so that no customer will be left out if the customer service team only has set operating hours.

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I was looking for a pretty basic plan, nothing too fancy. It’s only been a couple days but I am pretty pleased so far and would recommend my local Verizon store over the local AT&T store.The call is airtime free and you must be enrolled in Roadside Assistance to use this service.