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17-Oct-2017 00:24

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Peter Johnson Conservative Correspondent A white supremacist group has decided to rescind an award to Ann Coulter after discovering she might have a thing for black men.

Coulter, who makes her living selling books to old, racist white men, has long been rumored to have a predilection for black men.

She explains herself as debater who wants to make controversy in partial or impartial manner.

Let us talk about her upbringing days; she was born to father John Vincent Coulter and mother Nell Husbands Coulter.

She is famous for her controversial and defensive talking style.

Today, "Page Six" reported the demise of the couple of the century, Ann Coulter and Andrew Stein.

Ever since they were first caught swapping spit at Soho House, Coulter and Stein's relationship was one for the ages. Their heady two-and-a-half-month courtship kept us all in thrall. "We split because of irreconcilable differences," Stein told the Post.

This issue was lampooned in a episode of “The Boondocks.” found National White Alliance leader Will Cowan saying he could never look at Coulter again after discovering she was “unclean.” Coulter had been set to receive the NWA’s Eva Braun award for her new book, “Adios, America.” In the book, Coulter blames immigrants from Latin America and Africa for dragging America down, saying we should take in more immigrants from Europe.

Coulter fans on Stormfront were furious about the discovery.

Political commentator Ann Coulter has gone through many engagements, but none of her three engagements ever turned to marriage. Well, it doesn't seem like Ann Coulter and Jimmie Walker are dating.

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