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Scenes abruptly morph into new scenes, kind of like in a dream. Babies turn into adults and then adults turn into really old people who are basically like babies again. I wanted to make an animation that takes people back to the time when the baby brain was constantly trying to decode novel experiences.

Also like in a dream, the story is open for interpretation and the meaning is as meaningful as the dreamer decides it to be. Everything that exists in nature is in a state of growth and decay.

We have some hardworking filmmakers on Genero, but perhaps none as meticulous as Micah Buzan.

An American animator who has hand drawn psychedelic masterpieces for artists like The Flaming Lips, Micah’s latest work is this brilliant music video for ‘Do You?

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Despite her busy fall schedule, Stacey takes on the project of helping the fashion clueless newcomer Tess to become better educated about clothing and makeup, but the well-meaning baby-sitter is soon frustrated by Tess's resistance.. stacey & barbara are putting the finishing touches on a papier mache jaguar they made for the upcoming football game (apparently a jaguar is SMS's mascot) when someone walks right into it & totally destroys it. stacey observes that tess has "an unusual face, but not a bad one," with a slightly upturned nose & blue eyes which she unfortunately obscures with over-sized black-rimmed glasses.

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The hourglass emoji is a handy reminder that you need to send each other a picture of pizza or a selfie with 700 chins, like, NOW, or you'll lose your epic streak!via her numerous gadgets are said to be her daughter Princess Anne. He is thought to be the only person in the world to get put through to the Queen immediately, wherever she is. To download the free app Secret enc-Ryption Chat - Confidential Discreet & Tiny-Chat Text Messenger by Cyber Innovation Electronic Technology Limited, get i Tunes now.The animation combines traditional and digital techniques.

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Unbound by the laws of physics, psychedelic imagery flows towards the screen.

stacey thinks tess is odd & is likely to make herself a target for bullying because of her mannerisms & lack of fashion sense, but stacey vows to be nice to tess starts right away by inviting tess to join her & barbara the next afternoon while they rebuild the jaguar.