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24-Aug-2017 03:36

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None of them gave us as prompt response as EGR; besides EGR explained very clearly about how a room is built and has many cases of other clients as proof.After a study we felt very confident in choosing EGR to build our garden room.We are now recording everything that's said in the chatroom and are banning members who spoil the fun for others.To report idiots in chat, click through to their profile, hit "Report User" link.We are so happy to find a professional company who I could always trust.Thank you so much Ben and Alison, you have made my dream come true!Our members are primarily from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia but we have many english speaking members from all around the world.

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We welcome visitors and members of all ages and from all countries around the world and particularly those who are in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or older.

Pour devenir un membre premium (GOLD) à vie et disposer de cette option, il vous suffit d'ajouter une fois des jetons!

We found EGR via a google search after we compared several garden builders in London.

The chatroom works great on phones, tablets and desktop computers.

New Chat RECOMMENDEDFab's new Chat Software (Learn more) Launch chat with: Sorry, chat and cam is only for registered users!

Enter your chat-handle, sex and start chatting away.

With our ever popular toll free number you can get more options you can choose to just pay a small per minute fee for accessing the chatline, messages and so forth.… continue reading »

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-- Fixed issues with Windows 8 -- Fixed bug with using /set in scripts – Fixed problem with Windows 7 and First Run/Profiles not running – Fixed problem with default browsers, can now select it from Main Settings – Fixed problem with Bold and Cancel codes not displaying properly – $os idenifier now properly identifies Windows 7 instead of Vista – Make default browser look in HKCU in registry – Fixed bugs with removing channel keys (mode k) – Added Close All Channels to Popup Menu for Servers in Server Tree – Added Close All Queries to Popup Menu for Servers in Server Tree – Remove 255 Character limits for saving Auto Join, Auto Perform and Ignore Lists – Moved log file to the Ice Chat Logs folder – Fixed if statements for mirc script engine, for embedded statements – Fixed VB Scripting bug with Server Numbers after removing Console Tabs – Fixed Run Shell and /run commands to default to Scripts folder – Added $icechathandle identifier to return Ice Chat Window handle – Fixed CTRL-O Control Code not properly cancelling color codes – Fixed when you paste text to a window, it scrolls down to bottom — Major change to Updater, now will check and point to website — Fixed problem with |’s in nick from nicklist popup in channel window — Fixed problem with System Tray Icon flashing not stopping — Fixed problem with spaces appearing in links from double clicking — Added the /clipboard command for adding text to the clipboard — Added the /print command, just like /echo, but does not save to logfile — Added $ossp for returning Windows Service pack — Added $osspnum for returning Windows Service pack number — Added option to disable All sound events/playing in Sound Events — Added option /play ON/OFF to disable all sounds — Added $soundson identifier to see if all sounds are enabled/disabled — Added CTRL-O (Cancel all Codes) now works in Editor and Topic — Added Network search to the Search Menu — Added WMA support for sounds — Added parsing $identifiers in captions for Popupmenus (not Script Menu) — Added ALT-Enter goes to next line in Multiline editbox — Added ONNICK, ONBUDDYLIST, ONQUERYOPEN, and ONQUERYCLOSE Ice Chat5 Script Events — Added On Buddy Ice Chat7 Script Event — Added Buddy List section on Server Tree, for online buddies — Added more Windows Vista Support — Fixed bug with finding Default Browser for Windows Vista — Fixed bug with disabling/enabling events for channels — Fixed Reverse Color code not being parsed properly — Fixed parsing some identifiers in scripting — Fixed using comma’s in text script events, for multiple words — Fixed "and" and "or" not working properly in if statements in scripts — Fixed emoticons will no longer display if in a URL — Fixed if Background images do not exist, displays an error on load — Added option to disable System Tray Shift-F11 Hotkey — Added On Server Message (smessage), On Server Notice (snotice) Script Commands — Added option for not closing channel when kicked — Added option for Auto Join Delay for 5 Seconds, in Server Editor — Added mp3 support for playing sounds in Ice Chat — Moved Server List menu under the View Menu — Moved Channel List menu under the View Menu — Moved Languages menu under the Options Menu — Major update – Server Tree now in the Favorite Server List — Added Options for Server Tree to show/hide items in the Server Tree — Added Options button in Favorite Server List for Server Tree Options — Added Remove Tab button in Favorite Server List to remove tabs from Console — Fixed DCC Get and DCC Send Timeouts — Fixed re-using DCC Chat window, would not allow re-connect — Fixed bug with Deleting a Color Theme — Fixed bug with Buddy List, if all buddies were removed, still showed as online — Fixed bug with sound events, and unchecking the No Sound Event box — Fixed bug with Text Boxes for VB Script Dialogs now have auto-scroll style added — Fixed URL’s not opening in Default Browser for Fire Fox — Fixed Ctrl Alt V does not paste any longer, only Ctrl V — Fixed Status message properly updates on Channel Mode changes and Nick changes — Fixed bug with URL’s having a capital letter in them not getting highlighted — Fixed /part message with a part reason, reason was not sent to server — Fixed on input script to check for channel/query matches now — Fixed bug with new queries, and then Ice Chat switching to wrong window — Fixed Channel Event Overload now disables flashing as well — Added Sound Disable Overload to Event Disabling for Channels — Added $marker for adding a marker line with scripting — Added Auto Marker Line option in Display Settings, which will automatically add a marker line to the bottom of a window once it is switched. — Added Auto Marker Line option to popup menu from Channel Bar for Channels and Queries, if you only wish to add a Marker line to certain windows — Added Quit messages showing in Query’s, if you are in a channel with user — Added /msgsec command to securly send a message to a nick, echo’s *’s to the screen (great for nickserv passes and such) — Added middle mouse click on Nicklist, adds selected Nickname to Input box — Added right click menu for Nicklist – adding backgrounds to Nicklist — Added Color Theme menu under View Menu, to quickly select Color Themes — Added Ice Chat 5 Script Commands to Script Events Menu in Ice Chat Editor — Added Dcc Messages to Events section in Settings — Added for Channel Auto Join List, if item is selected, will insert new item before.… continue reading »

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She expressed hope, however, that Kinney did not do the same to the "Bad Romance" singer.… continue reading »

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Age: 53 (9/21/1963)Occupation: Entertainment - Actor Most Famous For: Braveheart and Jeff Reinhart of Saw III, IV "Above all, she's beautiful and has beautiful eyes. She's down to earth and has a wonderful personality. I don't think I knew the magic of love before I met Sofia.… continue reading »

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The quality is often lower but I have decided to upload them anyway and let everyone make their own decision on whether or not to watch them.… continue reading »

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