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Don't drain all your battery by relying on GPS during the drive to the venue.Instead, turn off your location services after taking the screenshot and refer to photos of the directions. Take a picture of a landmark near where you parked your car so you can easily find it during the rush at the end of the day. The best way to find the most suitable phone sex line is tying several before you can choose the most suitable ones.Here are top 10 hottest phone sex lines that you should choose try.I ordered my perfume yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning.

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And thus we, as a society, search for ways to make our own sexual experience more pleasurable, more fulfilling.

Losing your car is the last thing you need when you're tired and just want to get home so you can shower. Take screenshots of your online windows so if you lose service, you can still access the information.

Festival venues are notorious for having bad cell phone service.

Type it into your notes app, take a screenshot, and change it to your lock screen.

And then just hope that the person who finds your phone is a good Samaritan. Screenshot travel directions and then turn off your Internet to save battery.

The vast majority are single men with too much libido on their hands and they tell me, its a whole lot cheaper and more satisfying to have phone sex with me then it is to try and get a date in a bedroom.